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Q:    What types of strut are best to fit to an Anglia 105E?


A:    MK2 Cortina are the best choice as these line up very well with the standard 105E geometry.  Drawbacks are, the strut bodies and pistons are too long for lowered cars and the coil springs are too large for the front turrets, hence the modifications needed.


Classic struts have all the virtues and drawbacks of the above, but due to the position of the ball joint you cannot fit vented discs.


MK1 Cortina and Escort struts have all the same problems as above, but in addition do not line up with the 105E steering geometry.  These can be modified to suit but are not as good as MK2 Cortina.


Anglia struts, even though there are disc brake conversions for these, which are very effective, the cost of modifying does not make them a good choice for fast road cars.

Q:     What type of track control arms do I use?


A:    105E TCAs are too short and Classic too long.  Either can be modified to obtain the correct camber.


Note:    DO NOT drill out the cross member to get the correct camber.  This is not recommended as it completely alters the steering geometry and causes chronic bump steer.

Q:     Are there any problems with steering arms?


A:    MK2 Cortina and Classic steering arms are longer than standard 105E.  This causes very slow steering and a lack of lock.  Both the above can be modified to get the steering back to standard ratio and good lock to lock.  

Q:    What front hubs can I use on MK2 Cortina and Classic struts?


A:    Any MK2 Cortina hubs will do, also MK1 / 2 / 3 Capri MK1 / 2 RS2000 / Mexico.


Note:    Standard MK2 Escort and MK3 / 4 / 5 Cortina will not fit the above as the bearing sizes are different.  Classic hubs will not suit larger calipers. 


Q:    What calipers can I use on MK2 Cortina and Classic struts?


A:    Although more suited to the MK2 Cortina, there are a wide range of kits available from AP and Wilwood. From standard road cars, you can use the P16 / M16 and these are fitted as standard to the models listed above.


Note:     Vented discs will not fit Classic struts.


Q:    What rear brakes can I use?


A:    You can either go for a disc brake conversion or fit 9” drums from a MK1 / 2 Cortina or MK1 / 2 Escort RS2000.  All back plates will have to be re-drilled and handbrake levers altered to suit.


Note:    Spacers will need to be fitted between the half shaft face flanges and drums.  MK1 / 2 Cortina brakes need a 3mm spacer and MK1 / 2 Escorts need a 8mm spacer.


Q:    What size brake master cylinder do I need to fit?


A:    If you have discs to the front and drums to the rear, you will need a 0.70 bore cylinder.  If you are running discs front and rear you will need a 0.75 bore cylinder.


Note:    A standard Anglia runs a 5/8' or  0.625 bore master cylinder.

Q:    What height can I run the car?


A:    Low road cars normally have 2 to 2.5 inch lowering blocks at the rear.  At the front the measurement from the ground to the underside of the engine cross member is 4 to 4.5 inches.


Note:    Once the car is lowered and larger wheels are fitted you will need to cut back the front of the wheel arch for clearance.


Q:      Can I use complete Escort front suspension?


A:    You can, but the drawback is that the engine will be 2 inches further back.  This means extensive bulkhead modifications.


Q:     What type of engine can I fit?


A:    Pre cross flow, cross flow, Lotus twin cam, BDA or Zetec are good choices as there is only minimal to no bulk head mods needed.


2 litre OHCs are not a good choice as they are very heavy and 2 inches longer than the above.  The only successful way of fitting these is extensive bulkhead modifications.  The same can also be said for the Vauxhall XE unit.


Q:     What type of gearbox can I fit?


A:    The easiest to fit is the 2000E 3 rail which takes a standard 105E bellhousing or a standard 1200 gearbox with 2000E internals.


The Type 9 five speed is a difficult box to fit as these have a cable clutch bellhousing and the starter motor is on the left hand side which sits down through the engine cross member.  It also hits the drag link and steering idler.  One way to get round this problem is to fit an alloy 105E bellhousing with a type 9 bolt pattern.  If you get hold of one of these you will still have to remove the gear box tunnel, change the clutch plate and propshaft, modify the gear box cross member and reposition the chassis mounts.  Alternatively your Anglia bellhousing can be adapted using one of our adaptor plate kits. These are a cheaper to an aluminium bellhousing


Q:    What type of clutch do I use?


A:    When fitting a diaphragm pressure plate you will find this is half an inch less in depth compared to the old spring type.  To get around this problem you will need to fit a thrust carrier extension and bearing.  This will ensure the correct pivot position of the clutch arm and smooth operation.


If you feel that your clutch pedal is too heavy, try fitting a 0.875' bore slave cylinder, as fitted to MK1 Lotus Cortina and MK1 Escort Mexico 


Note:    A standard Anglia has a 0.75' bore slave cylinder


Q:    What differential can I fit?


A:    You have a wide range of ratios from 4.44 to 3.54 that are fitted to standard road cars (higher the number, more revs. lower the number less revs.)


Any front- loading diffs. from MK1 / 2 Cortina or MK1 / 2 Escort will fit.


Note:     Flange sizes alter.  These are all interchangeable and care must be taken when changing (refer to the workshop manual).  Alternatively, you can have the propshaft flange changed to suit.

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