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Exchange Parts

Moving forward in 2023

Traditionally Milton have always modified the parts you send us, apart from a brief period where parts were supplied on an exchange basis for pre-manufactured parts we had on the shelf in a bid to reduce waiting times, however a customer complained that they had not got their parts back so Milton went back to only modifying the customers parts, thus removing any further issues, but re-introducing the wait times on things like the rack conversion and track control arm modifications.

However we are now living in times where people expect parts to be available instantly, so, moving forward,  we are going to offer two options on exchange items. You can have pre-manufactured parts on a much quicker turnaround, however they may differ slightly from what you send in, so if the customer prefers to get their parts back then we will continue to work as we have done.


There are three things to bear in mind before deciding on which way you want to go, the condition of your Track Control Arm joints, the direction the brake callipers face on the Mk2 Cortina strut bodies as they can face forward or face the rear depending on which model Cortina they came from and with the overall condition of your crossmember.  

If your Track Control Arm joints are worn, refurbished arms are available from the Ford Anglia 105e Owners Club Spares Scheme.


When Sending in Exchange Parts

When you send in your exchange parts please make sure they are clean and serviceable.

When dismantling struts always take care and use coil spring compressors, removing the inserts will reduce the weight and the size of box required, but bear in mind the strut bodies are full of oil, so when you undo the top retainer and remove the piston assembly there is a risk of spillage.

Steering boxes are also full of oil, or at least should be, you can either send in the whole thing, or again to reduce carriage just cut the outer and inner column off at the base where it enters the steering box and then just send the inner and outer column.

Parts Wanted

We are always interested in purchasing exchange parts to help us reduce customer waiting times, as well as provide items to customers who may not have any parts to send in or to help overseas customers save on carriage etc

So if you have any old Track Control Arms, Engine Crossmembers or Steering boxes around, please let us know.

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