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About Us

The Milton ethos is one based on quality & harmony.

All our products are built to an exacting standard and all our products work together to ensure your Anglia drives and handles the best it can.

The Milton of today has a long history going back to the mid 1970's, born out of Oval racing and race car preparation, a journey that went through a number of formulas on both short and long circuits over the years and finally moving away from the race circuits and creating a product range to suit fast road, track and historic race cars.

It was the knowledge and experience gained racing and preparing cars that has gone into the Milton range which ensures it works so well.

The products in the Milton range have gone through a development cycle lasting decades and as a result we have the most comprehensive range of suspension components available for the Anglia 105e anywhere in the world.




We have tried to cater for as many Anglia owners as possible, from a simple bolt on rear telescopic shock conversion and a bolt on disk brake conversion to a fully adjustable suspension system from front to rear and everything in between.

The idea is that you can dont have to buy everything at once, you can add components to further enhance your cars handling.

The rear for example, you can start with a telescopic shock conversion, a must for any Anglia, then add the A Frame to reduce tramp and control body over axle movement, you can enhance that further by the addition of the adjustable rear anti roll bar.


On the front end you can start with the basic front strut conversion to gain disk brakes and lower the car and this can be further enhanced by the additon of a 2nd anti roll bar, a period classic modification, the Milton bar is a lighter gauge than the original Ford one giving a nice amount of uprating for a fast road car, for a track car then fitting a second original Anglia roll bar will stiffen the car even further, the advantage over a heavier rollbar is that it can be removed in wet conditions, moving the roll bar clamps.

Our eccentric top mounts come in two varieties, a fixed three hole mounting that gives a nice compromise of camber and castor for someone looking to just bolt something on and then our multi hole top mounts, when used in conjunction with our adjustable track control arms all you to get the perfect combination to suit your application.

Even the addition of our strut brace and poly bushes just tighten up that front end and improve the cars handling and how it turns in.

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